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About Solar Inverters

Every time the power goes out, you swear you are going to become more prepared for emergencies. Once again, the lightning strikes and you are sitting in the dark, and a solar grid tie inverter is the first thing you add to a shopping list on your phone. This is the last time life will be put on hold, waiting for power to be restored. All you need is a few solar panels and a solar panel inverter, and you have the foundation for an off-grid system. Whether you are looking for a small solar grid tie inverter to run a lamp and charge your laptop and phone or you need one powerful enough to operate your freezer and sump pump in the basement, the sellers on eBay have a huge selection ready to ship right to your door. You can also find a pure sine-wave solar inverter charger with a transformerless design to support continuous 24/7 operation.

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