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About Softball Gloves

You have been using the same softball glove since the eighth grade, but the time to retire the glove has come. eBay has a wide selection of new and used softball gloves including slowpitch and fastpitch styles. Fastpitch softball gloves are smaller, ranging between 11.5 to 13 inches, in comparison to slowpitch gloves that go all the way up to 15 inches. Reliable sellers on eBay have a variety of brands, including Nike, Mizuno, Worth, and Nokona. For Nike softball gloves, choose from a variety of styles like the Diamond Elite Edge or the Nike Pro Gold. Over a thousand used softball gloves are also available in brands like Rawlings, Mizuno, and Wilson. You can find gloves for adults, kids, men, women, right-handers, left-handers, and catchers. With convenient shipping options, consider purchasing a glove for every member of the family. Be sure to give your eighth grade glove a place of honor in the closet.