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Are you the type of computer user that keeps multiple applications open at once and is always multitasking? Upgrading the SODIMM RAM memory in your unit can improve your machine's speed and efficiency. It is an extremely compact memory solution designed specifically for use in thinner and lighter notebooks and tablets. SODIMM ports work with your computer via dedicated slots, and your machine may have one or several of these options. Densities on one of these memory products can vary widely from a 512MB SODIMM option to as high as 8GB. As you explore options, also keep in mind that there are different pin designs available for different applications, ranging between 100-pin types to 256. If you want to try out improving the speed of your computer with a SODIMM SDRAM upgrade, look through the new and used options available to you on eBay, and find a product that works best with your computer.