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About Socket Wrenches

You got a great deal on your new furniture, but you have to assemble it yourself, and you are having a hard time tightening a halfway hidden bolt. If you do not have a socket wrench, you may want to invest in a set of these tools to easily complete your project. A socket wrench works by attaching a specific-sized socket to the ratchet handle, which then allows you to tighten bolts in difficult spots. A full socket wrench set typically includes the ratchet handle and an assortment of socket sizes, so you can switch sizes based on the size of the bolt. When purchasing any type of tools, you always want something that will be reliable. Craftsman is a well-known tool manufacturer, so a Craftsman socket wrench can likely meet your needs, but there are many other types available. Complete your project with limited hassle with a socket wrench found in the large selection available from the reliable sellers on eBay.