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About Socket Organizer

Few things are more frustrating than losing track of two of the sockets you need while using the third. With a socket organizer, you can keep track of sockets while you are using them and store them in a neat and organized way for next time. There are two major types of organizers to consider adding to your tool kit. Some store sockets on their sides, and others store the sockets upright. Each has its advantages, but for home mechanics who spend a lot of time using sockets, a magnetic socket organizer is extremely helpful. This type of organizer has slots for each socket, but it is also magnetized. That way, when you are busy and do not have a free hand, you can simply drop the socket onto or near the magnetic organizer. Then when you need the socket again, or when it is time to clean up, everything is right there waiting for you. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find a socket organizer for just about any size socket set.