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About Sock Hops

Back before twerking was a thing and dresses hung longer than mid-thigh, there was the all American sock hop. In the 1950s, girls wore big poodle skirts and boys wore leather jackets and kept combs in their pockets to smooth back their hair. When they went to the dance or party, they kicked off their shoes and danced in their socks. They would do dances like the Twist, the Mashed Potato and other dances featured on shows like American Bandstand. Ironically enough, the Sock Hop is a popular theme for dance parties today. You can find sock hop costumes on eBay, and create your own decorations to mimic shows like Grease and Happy Days. In order to throw a fantastic sock hop, all you need is rock and roll, big poodle skirts and saddle shoes, and a group of friends who like to dress up and have fun. Take a step back into time and have a blast.