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About Soapstones

There are many ways to express your creativity, but one great way to flex your creativity is by making soapstone carvings. Soapstone is a popular material for carvings, as it is heat- and acid-resistant, as well as nonporous, making it very durable for carving. You can keep the natural color of the stone by simply cleaning it with soap and water, but you can also change the color of the stone by treating it with mineral oil or dry wax. To start your carving, you will first need a soapstone block. There are many different carving techniques, but one way to start your carving is by lightly drawing a rough outline of your sculpture onto the soapstone slab. You will then need to slowly chisel away pieces to form your sculpture. If you are looking for a new creative outlet, consider taking up soapstone carving. You can find all of the materials you will need from the reliable sellers on eBay.