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About Soap Molds

People buy with their eyes first, so make sure the handmade soaps you are selling are appealing by using soap molds. Soaps with even, smooth finishes or that have details such as a rose embossed into the surface look professional and can stand out among the plain rectangle bars that can be found everywhere. Soap molds let you be creative without having to do any extra work. Simply pour your favorite soap mixture into the mold and allow it to set, then pop out the bars. Some molds contain details that give your soaps the look of something hand-carved and others provide uniform shapes with perfect curves and edges. These molds come in two types of materials. Silicone soap molds are flexible, allowing you to simply pop out your soap with a twist. Plastic soap molds offer a larger variety of shapes and sizes and are generally not as costly. No matter what style or size you are looking for, you are sure to discover a great soap mold in the varied inventory of new and used molds available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Once you find the right soap mold, you will be making perfect bars with every batch.