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About Soaps

Get out the rubber ducky and loofah; it is bath time. Suds yourself up with a different soap every day of the week with effervescent, aromatic soap offered by countless reliable sellers on eBay. Walk the cyber-bins and fill your basket with handmade soap in an assortment of beautiful colors and scents such as patchouli, honeysuckle, or lavender. Soothe your skin with natural, chemical-free soap bars made of moisturizing oatmeal, goat's milk, and shea butter. Choose a few bars for yourself, and pick out a few for a friend's birthday gift basket, individually wrapped party favors, or fun stocking stuffers. You can even find soap for which you can choose your own scent. If you love creating your own scented bars, find all the soap-making supplies you need. Whip up your own sudsy concoctions with silicone soap molds, fragrance oils, soap bases, and anything else to color and decorate your bubble bars.