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About Snuff Bottles

Delicate glass bottles, some with ornate carvings and decorations, fill your imagination with stories of romance and adventure. The history behind the snuff bottle dates back to China in the 1600s. The Chinese used the bottles to mix tobacco with herbs and spices that they believed held medicinal properties. Special containers, like a jade snuff bottle, held the mixes. Hand carved out of materials like jade and agate, the bottles and boxes were a status symbol of upper level society. Own an antique snuff box made out of porcelain or silver with exquisite features like etched designs featuring flowers or dragons. A porcelain snuff bottle takes many shapes, like dragons or monkeys, and many come in deep red or classic blue and white patterns. Some bottles were even made into necklaces. Display your Chinese snuff bottles with other Asian collectibles. Search eBay to find a snuff bottle in their large selection and give your antique collection the royal touch.