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About Snowshoes

Outdoor sportsmen do not let a little blizzard slow them down. With a good pair of snowshoes, you can still get outside. Take the kids outdoors for a little exploring in Tubbs snowshoes like their girls Storm snowshoes with a tapered frame and QuickLock binding. Their lightweight Xplore snowshoe is easy to use and a great introduction for beginners. Tubbs Flex snowshoe features exclusive Soft Strike Zone technology and a biomechanically designed tail that is easy on your joints. MSR snowshoes offer comfortable designs made for specific purposes. Their Ascent snowshoes are perfect for climbing steep terrain in the backcountry providing superior traction for a confident climb. For an all-day outing, choose their Explore snowshoe with Axis Gait Efficiency that neutralizes variances in foot positions. For children, MSR offers Tyker snowshoes that have easy-to-use bindings and molded traction bars for added safety. Search eBay to find a large selection of new and pre-owned snowshoes in the style that you want. Hit the trail with confidence, even when the snow is still falling.