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About Snowflakes - Jewelry & Watches

Beautiful crystallized droplets of water fall from the chilly night air and form a beautiful snowflake that you try to catch on your tongue. A dog barks in the distance and as you turn to look, you realize the snowflake is not real, as you awake from your dream to the tropical heat wave that surrounds you. Do not feel sad, you can still have snowflakes around you, and better yet, ones that do not melt, when you own items like a snowflake necklace or snowflake earrings. The use of sterling silver is a popular choice when it comes to a snowflake pendant or necklace because the color more closely resembles a snowflake. The same holds true for the use of blue or white crystals in earring designs. There are many fabulous new and pre-owned snowflake jewelry pieces on eBay that allow you to sport a gorgeous piece of ice on your body and let it take you away to a magical land of softy fluffy flakes, at least for a while.