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About Snowbabies

Placing a Snowbaby on your coffee table or kitchen windowsill is like dropping a bright, glittering snowflake that never melts, into your home. For more than a quarter of a century, Department 56 has produced Snowbabies. Cherubic, rosy-cheeked, and forever bundled in their snug little snowsuits, Snowbabies have maintained their popularity, and are a favorite among both casual and zealous figurine collectors. Peruse the offerings of reliable sellers on eBay for both new and retired Snowbabies, such as "Cold Nose Warm Hearts," "Jack Frost A Touch of Winter Magic," and "Look What I Found." While most Snowbabies are formed in traditional white porcelain bisque, take a look at the rare pieces designed with vibrant color, like "Is There Room For Me?" or "Just a Little Off the Top." Be sure to pick up a few Snowbabies ornaments for your Christmas tree, or to hang in your picture window. Choose classics like "Let It Snow," "Starry Night," or "Sweet Duet," featuring an adorable Snowbaby wearing a bright red cloth scarf singing a tune with a beautiful red bird. With all of the convenient shipping options available, your next Snowbaby will scamper up to your front door lickety-split.