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About Snoopy Ornaments

For half a century, both children and adults sat down with a bowl of Lucky Charms and eagerly flipped through the funny papers, excited to delve into the adventures of Snoopy, that lovable beagle featured in Charles Schulz's long-running comic strip "Peanuts." Recapture those moments every Christmas by hanging a Snoopy ornament or two from your tree. Pick up well-crafted ornaments from famous makers such as Lenox, Hallmark, and Kurt Adler. Make sure you pick the perfect spot on your tree for a Hallmark Snoopy ornament such as "Christmas Hugs," "Winter Fun With Snoopy," or a stunning panorama ball featuring Snoopy flying in a sleigh being pulled by six tiny Woodstocks. If you are feeling really nostalgic, choose a genuine vintage Snoopy ornament such as a plastic, ice-skating Snoopy ornament issued by United Features Syndicate, a vintage 1970 metal ornament featuring a colorfully enameled Snoopy and Woodstock resting under a shady green tree, or Snoopy driving a Christmas wreath-adorned car, circa 1966. Depend on reliable sellers on eBay for the perfect Snoopy ornament, Lucky Charms not included.