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About Snare Drums

The toms were deep and strong, the bass drum was like thunder, your kit was tuned and ready to roar, but you still were not completely happy. You realized that there was nothing like a new snare drum to bring new life to your kit. You breezed through the large inventory available on eBay until you found your sound in a Ludwig snare drum. The Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum has a classic sound heard on countless recordings of jazz, rock, country, and pop. A single sheet of brass is transformed into a true beauty of sound, warm and round, but with a crispness only found in a metal snare. A nickel-plated finish gives the snare drum the distinct look that hails it famous name. You now have the depth and warmth you wanted with your kit, but there are a couple of songs that need a rimshot that will bust through your guitarist's buzz saw tone. A piccolo snare drum would definitely come in handy. Scrolling through reliable sellers on eBay, you eye a Pearl steel piccolo snare that will complete the job. The steel shell on this 13 x 3 drum delivers immense cut and crack that will compliment your kit in just the right way. A new snare drum can write a new signature into your sound. Convenient shipping options on eBay can deliver that new sound to you.