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About Snap-on Wrench

So many Snap-On wrenches, so little time. For a truly complete toolbox, you must have all of the patented wrenches made by Snap-On. The Flank Drive wrenching system features one open-end and one box-end on each wrench. The open-end design offers up to 62 percent more turning power compared to conventional open-ended wrenches. The box-end of the wrench uses the unique Flank Drive system to grip the sides of bolts and not the corners for tightening and loosening even the most rounded bolts. A Snap-On wrench set like this is available in sizes from a 1/4 inch to 1 3/8 inches. Other wrenches you should look for via the trustworthy sellers on eBay include the Snap-On ratchet wrench, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, strap wrench, chain wrench, crowfoot wrench, and flare nut wrench. Most of these tools are made in America and all Snap-On tools consist of high-quality stainless steel. A full range of wrenches is available in both standard and metric sizes. With all of these handheld Snap-On wrenches on hand, you have the right tool for any job.