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About Snap-on SOLUS

Get more customers in an out of the shop with a Snap-On Solus to help out. Available on eBay, Solus is a plug-in software program that gives the car a check up in seconds. The large 7-inch widescreen of a Snap-On Solus Ultra allows you to swipe through screens showing the operations efficiency of different parts of the car from the transmission to the fuel tank. This handheld tool allows you to plug into over 40 makes of vehicle with a single keyless adaptor that covers all OBD-II applications. Mechanics can also get tips and fast fixes for specific problems through the Fast-Track Troubleshooter included in each Snap-On Solus tool. A Snap-On Solus Pro with a 6.2-inch screen gives you VIN specific coverage for over 30 vehicles. The handheld Pro also features the ability to store short 2,000 frame videos of vehicle diagnostics that can be reviewed or printed out. With these Snap-On diagnostic tools in your shop, customers will see you as the go-to mechanic for stubborn automotive problems.