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About Snap-on Puller

If you have ever noticed that your cars seem to start a mutiny and all break down at the same time, you need to stop the revolt and get a Snap-On puller to help you out. These tools remove nuts, bolts, and screws for easy dismantling so you can prep for repairs and feature different designs and sizes to handle motorcycle, car, and truck repair jobs. Available in a Snap-On puller set, these accessories grip bolts and screws for easy removal. Sets include pullers in several lengths and widths, along with pressure screws and slide hammers. In addition to packaged sets, you can purchase helpful additions, such as pulling plates and flat points, to reach tough spots. They remove pressed-on alternators in cars and open up power steering systems in cars and bikes. Select general sets for all-purpose projects, or choose specialty products, like a Snap-On bolt grip puller set, for specific tasks like only removing bolts instead. For motorcycle and smaller car repairs, a light-duty Snap-On puller works well; although small, these products generate substantial power at over two tons of force. Medium-weight pullers, which span three to six inches in diameter, generate up to 10 tons of power. Lastly, heavyweight pullers generate up to 20 tons. Search for a new or used puller in assorted sizes, shapes, and colors from the reliable sellers on eBay to outfit your garage.