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About Snap on Modis

You try to start your car, but all you get is a series of odd noises and various dashboard lights. Since you do not know much about this sort of thing, you call a mechanic friend who has a Snap-on MODIS to see if he can help. A MODIS from Snap-on is a diagnostic tool that connects to your car and then translates the information stored in the vehicle's ECM about what the problem might be. The MODIS, or "Modular Diagnostic Information System," connects to the vehicle with Snap-on MODIS cables. The Snap-on MODIS keys work in concert with the cables and the scanner to give the mechanic the most accurate and thorough information about the car's internal data as possible, so that the right fix gets implemented. If you need a Snap-on MODIS device, or just the accessories, the vast inventory on eBay means that you always have the capability to diagnose any problem with your car or truck. The right solution is only a few minutes away with the right connections and hookups.