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About Snake Rings

The slithering, sleek body of the snake may make you shudder at the thought of the creature, but it has traditionally had a positive meaning in a number of cultures. No matter what you believe, a snake ring offers a funky fashion accent. These rings vary from mimicking the body style and shape of the ring coiled around your finger, to boasting scaly designs engrained within its metal. Even more fun is the three-finger ring, which features an extended snake that fits around three of your fingers, showing it over the outside two fingers and under the middle one. Because snakes are iconic in pop culture, the cold-blooded reptile exists in many vintage designs. These often boast stones to accent the snake design. Shop a large inventory on eBay to find the style that fits your fashion sense the best. On top of that, it may bring good luck in money matters your way; that is, if you share the beliefs of Chinese astrology about these curious creatures.