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About Snake Eyes

At one point or another, many little boys imagined themselves as part of the G.I. Joe team; while most prefer fearless leader Duke, the silent ninja Snake Eyes isn't forgotten. Never speaking a word, his whole face and body covered, his enemies underestimate his character, but his teammates know how deadly he can be. Hasbro comes out with various versions of this figure each year, and if you are a G.I Joe collector, then you should look for vintage toy collectibles. A favorite among collectors, there have been many Snake Eyes figures throughout the years. Perhaps the most sought-after item is the 1985 version 2 figure, which comes with a black gun and sword and has a patch of silver paint on the right arm. Second on anyone's list is the vintage 1982 Snake Eyes figurine, which features a straight-arm design and a pitch-black uniform. Whichever new or vintage G.I. Joe Snake Eyes toy you are searching for on eBay, you will find reliable sellers offering what you need for your collection.