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About Snake Costumes

With snake costumes, you and your little trick-or-treaters slither from door to door. With a large inventory of costumes on eBay to choose from, having the entire family ready for Halloween is simple. A kids' snake costume is sure to delight all ages, especially those who like the creepy, crawly creatures. The costumes vary in style from one-piece plush suits that feature snakeskin prints to two-piece pant and shirt sets with long tails and masks. Some even come with fake fangs to put the finishing touches on the look. If reptiles are not your thing, try a snake charmer costume. These costumes come with pants, a shirt, and the vest, but you can find feminine dresses as well. They also have a turban and a flute so you can charm the pants off friends and family members. The costumes feature many different materials, such as polyester, cotton, and fleece, some with interior lining, giving you additional choices when it comes to your comfort level. Scale up for some extra Halloween fun with unique snake costumes.