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About Smurfs

La la la-la la la, sing a happy song, trill the Smurfs as they go about their daily chores in their idyllic woodland home. The lovable blue characters came on the scene in 1958 as comic characters designed by the Belgian artist Peyo, otherwise known as Pierre Culliford. Since those early days, a huge franchise has developed, and the little blue guys have made it big in Hollywood, appearing in "The Smurfs" movie and its sequel "Smurfs 2." With such a successful franchise, it is no surprise that there is plenty of fan merchandise, with vinyl Smurf figures being particularly popular with collectors. There are also plush toys, video games, and books. Fans can find out what it is really like to be a Smurf by wearing a genuine Smurf costume, certain to be a hit at any Halloween party. With all the Smurfs merchandise available from reliable eBay sellers, one thing is sure: fans can have a smurfing good time—as long as they are not caught by Gargamel, of course.