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About Slide Projectors

The light flickered on the screen and you heard the familiar whir of the projector as you watched home movies in your basement. A slide projector may be considered an antique, but it still brings back fond memories. If you still have some old films lying around, get a Kodak slide projector and entertain the family with memories of days long gone. Revisit that trip you took to the lake that summer when you were 12 and listen as your kids giggle about your hair. A vintage slide projector makes a nice display piece in a collection of antiques. They recall the days of silent black and white movies when Charlie Chaplin was a big star. eBay has a large collection of slide projectors to choose from. Working models let you watch slides right away, while models that need a little restoration are perfect for someone who loves to tinker. After finding all those old slides in your mother's attic, why not settle in for a trip down memory lane on the next rainy day?