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About Slide Hammer

No matter how hard you have pulled, pushed, and pounded, you have not been able to pull out the bearings from your wheel assembly. In order to complete this task, you need a slide hammer. This type of bearing puller is a specialized tool used to remove stubborn bearings, bolts, gears, gaskets, and seals from your car's axle. The slide hammer is made up of a pole shaft, weight, and threaded attachment end. A rubber handle on the opposite end of the pole shaft allows for better grip, and it also keeps the weight, which provides leverage for the tool, from falling off while you work. The threaded end has different attachments for both the vehicle you are working on and the parts you are trying to dislodge. You attach it to the bearing, bolt, or seal, and the sliding weight pounds it out of place for easy removal, just as a normal hammer would. The assembly allows you to access hard-to-reach places, and the different attachments allow you to work on many different parts, making it ideal for a variety of projects. With the help of the large selection available from sellers on eBay, you can find the hammer you need to finish the job.