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About Sleeping Beauty Costumes

The beautiful Princess Aurora was cursed into a deep slumber at the age of 16 by the evil Maleficent and only a kiss form her true love could break the spell. Now you can dress up as one of your favorite Disney princesses with the Sleeping Beauty costumes. The women's Sleeping Beauty costume features a tiara and her signature pink and white dress made from a soft polyester blend, and is available in sizes small, medium, large, and X-large. The detailed Sleeping Beauty costumes can be easily cleaned on the gentle cycle and are offered in both new and gently worn conditions on eBay. The Disney Sleeping Beauty adult costume allow even the oldest of fans to dress as their favorite characters. Keep Princess Aurora from finding true love with the Maleficent costume. This detailed set includes a long black dress with a detachable brooch on the center and her infamous horned dark headpiece. Shop for your next Halloween costume any time throughout the year, purchase with peace of mind from trusted and reliable sellers on eBay, and enjoy convenient shipping options.