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About Sleeping Beauty

Every little girl dreams that she might wake up and become a fantasy princess in a woodland cottage with three fairy friends. “Sleeping Beauty” made believers out of children across the globe that perhaps they could be princesses too. Featuring a classic Disney princess, the story of Sleeping Beauty is now a permanent fixture for every parent who has a daughter between the ages of three and thirteen. Originally, the film was a major disappointment to Walt Disney, who proclaimed this show to be his original masterpiece. However, today Sleeping Beauty is one of the most beloved Disney princesses, gaining more fans with nearly every little girl within reach. The first home video was released in 1986, followed by the DVD release in 2003 and the “Sleeping Beauty” Blu-ray release in 2008. Today, eBay is one of the best places to get your hands on a new or gently used “Sleeping Beauty” DVD, toy, or collectible. With dolls, toys, and original costumes, toddlers and children can live the magic of this classic Disney princess and her fairy tale story. Let “happily ever after” become a reality for the young girl in your life with the opening strains of "Once Upon a Dream."