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About Sleeper

Surrounded in soothing comfort, a baby is more apt to fall asleep and stay asleep longer when wearing comfy attire like a sleeper. A sleeper is one of the essential items all new parents need to have to help make their child feel warm, comfortable, and secure. Newborn sleepers typically help a baby sleep more soundly because the material covers the majority of the body giving the infant a feeling much like one of a swaddling blanket. If you are new to buying sleepers and are unsure what brand to look for, you can begin your quest with a brand like Carters sleepers. Carters makes a wide range of sizes that range from newborn to toddler sizes, These sleepers and many other brands are available on eBay in new and pre-loved conditions. You may be surprised to find that dressing your infant in a sleeper before bed helps bring sweet dreams to both the baby and then to you sooner than you thought.