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About Sleep Masks

Between the bright lights outside your apartment complex and the noise from your neighbors, your sleep quality is suffering, and it shows with bags under your eyes and a generally dull skin appearance. Seeking a budget-friendly alternative to restore your sleep patterns and health, you search for sleep masks to help drown out the outside world and create a soothing, dark environment that promotes sleep. A quick search reveals numerous options, including soft eye sleep masks with a padded shade cover to block even the harshest lights, as well as uniquely shaped 3D masks that look fashionable while enabling free eye movement. As an added bonus, some masks wash easily and retain their shape even after a normal cleaning. Features include a spongy, soft polyester fabric that provides the eyes with ample coverage and darkness to promote sleep, and masks with one or two thin elastic headbands that keep the mask firmly in place without fitting too tightly. A large inventory on eBay ensures many opportunities to find the mask for you, including those with cotton and silk materials. Breathe a sigh of relief as you drift off to sleep knowing that outside distractions are no longer an issue.