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About Slap Watches

"Slap." If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably remember the satisfying sound your slap bracelet made when you slapped it on your wrist, desk, or school supplies, along with the disappointment you felt when your school banned this popular accessory. Now, one of the hottest trends of the 1990s is back in the form of slap watches, letting kids tell time and have fun with slapping the band onto their wrists. Kids' slap watches come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns. You can find Hello Kitty, Star Wars, and Spider-Man watches, or choose from a variety of animal themes. Analog slap watches help your children learn to tell time, but digital versions are easy to read on the go. Although these make fun accessories for kids, adults do not have to miss out. Adult sized slap watches can let you relive all the fun you used to have with your slap bracelets. Whether you want an analog or digital slap watch, you can find a vast inventory of watches on eBay.