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About Skylanders PS3

The sound of children playing and laughing has always been a parent's favorite thing to hear, and all young boys want to play video games. It can be hard to find an age-appropriate video game to buy your children, however; this is why Skylanders for PS3 has become such a hit. Aimed squarely at children, both young and old, the game offers an ever-expanding cast of characters to play throughout the Skylanders world. The evil entity Kaos has banished all Skylands inhabitants to Earth, at the same time turning them into figurines. Skylanders for PS3 combines video games with real-life figurines that you can play with, both virtually and physically. The Skylanders Starter Pack for PS3 gives you everything you need to get started with the franchise, including the game, three figurines, and a portal which transports the real-world toy into the game world. In the game, you try to reclaim the Skylands from Kaos, increasing your character's abilities in the process. To buy a starter pack or extra figurines such as the Skylanders Giants for PS3, browse the thousands of offers available on eBay from their long list of reliable sellers. Soon enough, your child can go on a grand adventure with a game that suits their age.