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About Skylanders Portals

A far leap from the simple knobs and joysticks that controlled classic video games such as Pong and Pac-Man, the Skylanders Portal allows you to change the outcome of the game by "sending" your physical toys into the gaming universe. Based on the popular Spyro the Dragon franchise and utilizing RFID chip technology, Skylanders combines the action of video gaming with the enjoyment of toy collecting. Add to this the ability of the figures themselves to magically transport from the physical realm to the digital by way of the Skylanders Portal, and you have the recipe for a revolutionary entertainment experience. Even those without a traditional video game console can get in on the action, as the Skylanders PC portal allows you to take the adventure to your home computer. For those on the go, the Skylanders 3DS portal allows for a fully mobile gaming experience when used in conjunction with your Nintendo handheld device. With the Skylanders Portal available both new and used on eBay, you are just a few clicks away from hitting the skies with Spyro.