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About Sky Lanterns

Attention to detail and special touches make the difference between a pleasant event and one reminiscent of your favorite theatrical finale. There is no better way to create a memorable atmosphere than with colorful and unique sky lanterns. With a flick of the lighter, the special fuel cell in your lantern carries it adrift at the end of your celebration. They come in all colors of the rainbow, which allows you to create a look that meshes with a color theme or sets the night alight with a variety of hues floating across the sky. Many designs stay afloat for 10 to 15 minutes, plenty of time to make a traditional wish during flight. Small and large quantity options are available, so whether you need one or 500, you can bring your vision to life and maintain your budget at the same time. The variety of designs lets you focus on nearly any space. For an intimate effect, create a room full of heart-shaped sky lanterns or take advantage of hanging hooks to keep them stationary and bring life to your pergola. Whether you believe sky lanterns bring good luck or you are grateful to find biodegradable party favors, you can choose the right style from one of the many reliable sellers on eBay.