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About Skull Rings

The rock star and acting gems of Hollywood know how to make a fashion statement. You may not have the smoky gaze or electric guitar skills needed for the main stage, but you can follow the trend of iconic men's men like Keith Richards and Johnny Depp with a skull ring of your own. You choose how blingy you want your jewel to be. Large or small, bulky or slimmed down, your ring should represent you; unless, of course, you are dressing in costume as Axl Rose. From gold to stainless steel, skull rings are made from a variety of materials. Plus, you can find a range of sizes to suit women or men and adorn any finger you choose. Whether you are into silver fangs, embellished eye sockets, large foreheads, or something in between, the variety of skull ring artistic designs is uncapped. It may not be easy to make myriad decisions regarding your newest nugget, so start by scouring the reliable sellers on eBay. They provide convenient shipping options to get your bare fingers skulled up just the way you want.