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About Skull Necklaces

Your friend always has the cutest skull necklaces, and you do not know how she does it. The great thing about skull jewelry is that it is not all macabre. Sure, there are some that are a little on the spooky side but you can also find rhinestone skulls with girly accents, like bows and other adornments. If you are a fan of the decorations associated with the Day of the Dead, such as sugar skulls, jewelry in that style is easy to find. The skulls are fashioned out of metal, sometimes a base metal and sometimes a precious metal, then either painted with colorful enamels or bejeweled. Everything from emeralds to topaz could show up in this style of skull jewelry, since the Day of the Dead decorations are all about color. When you are ready to find your own skull necklaces, the vast inventory on eBay helps you to find exactly what you are going to love showing off to your friends and family. You may also find the perfect gift for a loved one.