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About Skull Molds

Deliciously depraved skull candies, candles, and other molded items are perfect decorative accessories for your celebration. To get started, you need lots of skull molds from the large inventory on eBay. These molds are great for making sweet sugar crystal skulls for the Day of the Dead. You may even want to look for skull candy molds that feature elaborate Mayan designs in the mold or you can pop out some fun fondant skulls to decorate a Halloween-themed cake. Rice cake skulls make fun treats for the kids at parties too. Choose from either resin or silicone skull molds for your projects. Resin is not flexible, but works well to hold liquids for cooling. Silicone is very flexible, making it a lot easier to pop stubborn candy pieces out of the mold after they set. Silicone is also very stable and resists dry rot while retaining its elasticity for years. Resin molds are found in hard or soft versions. Get started on your holiday candy making and baking early with a set of creepy skull molds.

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