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About Skull Masks

Skulls are tattooed on your arm and they hang from pendants around your neck, so all you need to complete the set are skull masks. Halloween skull masks have a rock and roll edge, as well as a hefty dose of the chill factor. Wear skull face masks made of latex or nylon that cover every bit of flesh and pair them with long, hooded capes to personify the grim reaper. You do not have to stick to human skulls; horse skulls look equally creepy with a black robe. Some skulls have extra features, such as decaying teeth and a moving mouth. If you like to adorn your bike with skull motifs, then add a motorcycle skull mask to your riding gear. There are half face masks that double as neck warmers, as well as balaclavas that feature a skeletal print over the nose and mouth area. These are also ideal for skiing, jogging, or any activity where you want to guard against wind chill. When you want to use old bones to good effect, browse the listings of sellers on eBay for scary skull masks.