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About Skull Bracelets

Sometimes you just want to walk around with a constant reminder of your own mortality looped around your wrist. A skull bracelet incorporates miniature replica human or animal skulls into a loop or uses a single skull or skeletal element as a decorative focus for a simple metal bracelet. These accessories have a graveyard charm that varies from piece to piece but can exude a great sense of mordant humor. A gold skull bracelet recalls the funerary embellishments on the tombs of saints and is an excellent addition to any gothic ensemble worth its salt. A silver skull bracelet has a bit more of a party rocker flair and is best accompanied by a punk aesthetic, torn skinny jeans, wild multicolored hair, and a ratty old tank top emblazoned with lyrics or the logo of your favorite band. These pieces of jewelry have a lot of personality and can be found in styles to suit anyone's individual panache. You can find a skull bracelet through the vast inventory of jewelry and accessories on eBay.