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About Skulls

Wicked skull designs are plentiful and appear on all types of items from jewelry to tote bags and everything in between. A skull emblem or other design just permeates the air with a kind of cool danger that seems to surround the wearer. If you are thinking about getting into wearing skull designs and are looking for something that really grabs some attention, consider starting of with a skull ring. These rings come in an assortment of styles with sterling silver being a popular choice for many wearers. Sterling silver is flashy without being gaudy and it does not irritate the skin, as many other forms of metal tend to do. If you want to try to wet your feet in a more understated way, you can opt for a skull bag in any number of styles and sizes. If you have no clue where you want to start, try looking on eBay where there is a large selection of new and used skull items for sale every day. Make your own statement in a personal way with a skull design that is as unique as you are.