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About Skoda Octavia

The stout, solid, and sensible Skoda Octavia is a famously reliable car, and while it does not enjoy a reputation for being sleek and sporty, it is pragmatic and built to last. Skoda Auto is a Czech manufacturer with a reputation for building workmanlike vehicles. One reason for this renown is that Skoda brand cars are usually powered by the famously stalwart engines that power vehicles made by the Volkswagen Group, of which Skoda is a subsidiary company. The Skoda Octavia was first produced in 1996 and has had several distinctive redesigns. The third-generation model was released in 2013 and features several upgrades over previous models. To address concerns that the car lacks flair, it was made longer and more refined with a larger wheelbase; a lighter, more streamlined body featuring daytime running Skoda Octavia LED lights; and an upgraded interior. Other improvements include a voluminous luggage compartment and an advanced forward collision warning system. Whether you are an existing owner looking for a range of Skoda Octavia parts and spares or wish to buy a new or used car ready to hit the road, you are certain to find a huge selection of vehicles and accessories on eBay.