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About Skirted Coats

It is tough to look like a lady when you have a layer on snow on you, and clothing layers that absolutely do not flatter any figure. The vast inventory of skirted coats on eBay means that dressing for the weather does not mean dressing like a weatherman. Pick out the perfect full skirt coat to complement your curves with a snug little belt that draws attention to your waist, and a flowing skirt that simply says "feminine." The pleated skirt coat from Guess Los Angeles in feather-gray or high contrast fuchsia and black gathers at the waist to create a curvy figure even when you are sporting those heavy winter clothes. The roomy front pockets and pretty button closures make these coats as functional as they are fashionable. The skirted coat slims and creates an elegant outline, making it perfect for anyone who is not exactly ecstatic about the way they look in their winter wardrobe. Flirty Betsey Johnson coats reminiscent of the Jackie-O era offer double rows of buttons on a double-breasted front, and are available in fun colors such as pink, gray, and red.

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