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About Skirt Leggings

For women who love the look of leggings, but hate the way leggings look on their hips, skirt leggings to the rescue. These clever leggings with attached skirt are so obvious that it is difficult to believe that it took so long for these pants to enter your life. Both the skirt and leggings feature a cotton and spandex blend to ensure plenty of stretch and comfort. The skirt attaches at the elasticized waistband so that the hem is open and free to move with each step. The skirt style varies from a tight pencil skirt to a ruffled A-line skirt. Find these among the selection on eBay, in a variety of lengths, from miniskirts to knee-length skirt leggings for more coverage where you need it. Skirted leggings often feature the same color or pattern for both the skirt and the leggings, but you can also find patterned skirts with solid color leggings, or vice versa. Look great while enjoying the tight feel and comfort of skirt leggings as you hit the town for a fun night.