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About Skipper Clothes

Skipper Roberts was born, probably somewhere in Malibu, in 1964. As Barbie's younger sister, Skipper inherited her older sister's trendy fashion sensibilities and has acquired her own collection of colorful, super-cool Skipper clothes for every event and season. Whether you are an adult collector or simply helping your daughter fill Skipper's closet, you will want to explore the never-ending cyber racks of Skipper clothes stocked by eBay's reliable vendors. Pick up single outfits or large lots of Skipper doll clothes, such as a "Looking' Lively" shorts and tee set, a "Trendy Teen" jogging ensemble complete with boom box, or a lot of "Teen Skipper Cool Look" outfits, each one with matching purse and shoes. Adult collectors will love the myriad of available vintage Skipper clothes. Surprise your vintage Skipper with a groovy, mid-century sweater dress with matching hat and boots, a pink and green "Lollapaloozas" clothing set circa 1967, or an original 1964 Skipper carrying case complete with dolls and clothing. Your Barbies look amazing, should not her little sis have the same opportunities?