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About Skip Hop

As a parent, every aspect of your daily routine from showering in the morning to taking a trip to the store becomes a new experience. Good products designed with parents in mind, like those from Skip Hop, may not be able to solve the learning curve on these new experiences, but they do make the process a bit easier to take. Started in 2003 by two new parents, the line of Skip Hop diaper bags, on-the-go gear, nursery items, feeding items, and more have the distinct purpose of making the lives and learning curves of all parents easier. For example, the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag, one of the company's signature products, aims to make organizing baby's things simpler. It includes a variety of internal and external pockets and includes shuttle clips to make it into a stroller bag. In addition, there are a variety of other Skip Hop products, including pacifier holders and changing pads that coordinate with each other and provide additional convenience and solutions. Using eBay, it is easy to find these options and even take advantage of reliable sellers' deals on bundles that include coordinating products.