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About Skinny Ties

Just like women?s hemlines, the fashionable width of men's ties changes over the years. Traditional men's ties tend to measure at least 3.25 inches across, while the skinny tie measures no more than 2.5 inches across. A vintage black tie goes with almost any suit or dress shirt, and is perfect for formal occasions. The silk tie, which comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, adds a touch of smooth color to a man's suit. Some men prefer cotton ties, and sometimes you can find a cotton silk blend tie, as well. Red is a power color, so adding a red tie to your tie rack is a good idea, especially if you have important interviews or meetings coming up. You can find many skinny ties for sale by reliable sellers on eBay. Some sellers bundle ties in a lot, so you can have a different tie to fit every occasion, whether for business, a formal party, or a special date with a special someone.