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About Skinny Cargo Pants

You love the way skinny jeans look, but now you have nowhere to put your cell phone. Get the same slim, sexy fit with all of the pockets and none of the sag with a pair of skinny cargo pants. These versatile pants pair great with boots for a rugged look. Unlike baggy cargoes, the narrower legs are perfect for boot tucking, even ankle boots, without them bulging or slipping out. Dark-colored junior skinny cargo pants even work with heels — toss on a frilly blouse for a dressy look and a blazer for the office. Khaki skinny cargo pants are perfect for outdoor weekends. The trim profile makes hiking through the underbrush snag-free, and the side pockets still have plenty of room for critical gear, like your GPS. Khakis also make a great casual fashion statement for the movies or weekday lunch dates. A pair of cropped skinny cargoes pair great with flats for shopping trips and Saturday strolls in the park. Find your favorite brands of skinny cargo pants through the vast inventory on eBay in an array of colors and options from Gap, Guess, Anthropologie, American Eagle, and other popular designers.