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About Ski Doo 670

Anything you can do, the Ski Doo 670 does better. From tackling tough ascents to traversing rocky terrain and diving down harrowing descents, this machine covers ground with dignity, grace, and ease. The Ski Doo 670 borrows engineering and aesthetic styling from snowmobiles in the popular Ski Doo z series. This includes a small but powerful lightweight engine, which features a turbo charge and runs on standard fuel. An internal liquid cooling system helps the Ski Doo cool its jets easily, even after hours of long and taxing riding. As with many snowmobiles, you can find this Ski Doo in base and higher-level trims. For a luxury version, the Ski Doo MXZ 670 is a popular item. This machine features the same engineering components as others in its family, but enjoys a smoother, quieter ride, thanks to engine silencers and hydraulic suspension systems. You can find additional features on this snowmobile, including a backrest, electric start, and reverse switch. All machines in this collection include speedometers, tachometers, fuel gauges, and temperature gauges. Search the large inventory on eBay for these Ski Doos and parts, such as a Ski Doo 670 engine. Look for personal accessories too, like gloves, a helmet, and goggles to make the most of your riding experiences.