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About Skater Skirts

All hail the figure skater for starting a fashion trend that is beyond adorable. Skater skirts are all the rage and can spruce up any outfit. The most magnificent thing about these skirts is they can complete a casual look with a pair of leggings, your favorite T-shirt, and a pair of flats, or they can make you the sharpest dressed gal at the party with an elegant blouse and a pair of stilettos. For those of you that are just exploring this trend, skater skirts are a high-waisted, yet short — usually well above the knees — skirt and can be flared or pleated. The vast inventory on eBay includes an assortment of colors, including primary colors, pastel colors, and neon colors for those of you that really want to make an entrance. The materials used to make these skirts are usually light and free flowing, such as a cotton blend. If you really want to get fancy with it, black faux leather skater skirts can embellish any ensemble, and add an edgy flair to a holiday party outfit.