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About Skateboard Wheels

While the board may be what catches the eyes first, it is the skateboard wheels that hit the pavement. Every skateboarder knows their ride rests on the quality of their trucks and wheels. Wheels provide performance with different wheels matching different environments and riding styles. A set of 60mm wheels are great for riders who want to move fast; bigger wheels provide more distance with every revolution, so they are great for anyone looking for speed above all else. Smaller options, as you may find with 50mm wheels, bring you closer to the ground and handle turns better, but they do not give you the same speed. How you ride is not the only thing that determines your wheel size; your own size can be a factor. Bigger people often feel more comfortable with larger wheels. Visit eBay to find the right new or used wheels for your skateboard. Skateboard wheels may be hard to see, but you can really feel the wrong ones once you hit the park.