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About Six Million Dollar Man

Get your memorabilia in better, faster, and stronger condition when you choose "Six Million Dollar Man" collectible items to adorn your home and make you feel like a kid again. Take a trip back to the days of the elementary school cafeteria when your "Six Million Dollar Man" metal lunch box featured what seemed like live action shots of The Bionic Man fighting crime with that six million dollar technology propelling him forth. Keep your bionic eye out for "Six Million Dollar Man" dolls complete with Steve Austin's red leisure suit and that astronaut capsule that led to his six million dollar accident – many options are available on eBay. Brush up on your "Six Million Dollar Man" trivia with a DVD box set that covers the entire bionic series in 40 full discs. If you are not ready for all that Lee Majors in one major binge watch, take it in shifts with DVDs that cover just one season at a time. Run like you have never run before, and give your memorabilia collection that bionic kick with "Six Million Dollar Man" items taking you back to yesteryear.